Intake Policies

Haven of the Ozarks is dedicated to helping stray and abandoned animals. We do not take owner turn-ins, with exceptions for illness or death.
We usually have a waiting list, so you will need to call the Haven at 417-835-3647 to get on the waiting list. You cannot be put on the list via email, you must call and speak with a staff member to be added! Once we have room, the staff will call you to bring in your found dog or cat. Since we are no-kill, we can only take in as many as we adopt out!
We take in ALL breeds at the Haven.
We do NOT support Breed Specific Legislation and believe all animals deserve the chance at a loving home!

What to do when you find a stray

Many strays are owned pets that just happened to get lost, so the best thing you can do for that found animal is to try and help them find their owner!
  • Post a picture on your local Lost & Found sites (see our Resources page for links)
  • Hang flyers in the area the animal was found
  • Check the animal for a microchip. Any shelter or vet's office will check for free!
  • Hang flyers at the local pound, humane society and vet offices
  • Check/Post on Craigslist Lost & Found
  • Always ask for proof of ownership!
Sketch is one of many Pit Bulls waiting for a forever home at the Haven. Due to BSL, we cannot adopt out our Pitties to anyone in Springfield, MO. Contact your local City Council members to let them know that BSL doesn't work!